Can I Sell Microsoft Software On eBay? (Windows, Office, etc)

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You can sell or buy anything online nowadays, including digital goods. According to eBay, a digital good is anything downloadable via a website or link and any content you can receive through email. If you are selling Microsoft software, you are inclined to use one of the delivery methods mentioned above unless packaged in a CD or DVD. The question is, however, does eBay allow you to sell Microsoft software?

You can sell Microsoft software on eBay if you comply with the platform’s electronically delivered items policy. Additionally, eBay does not support digital delivery, so your item must be packaged in a CD or DVD. eBay is stringent regarding this policy because the platform wants to protect buyers from buying pirated goods and prevent copyright infringement.

Reselling software can be a lucrative business, but you have to do it right. It is easy to become a fraud or data phishing victim when you buy software from untrusted sources. Keep reading to learn how to become a Microsoft software reseller on eBay (the right way).

How to Resell Microsoft Products on eBay

Microsoft products are under the digital goods category on eBay. But, which Microsoft products can you sell?

Usually, people sell product keys of different MSDN (Microsoft Developers Network) subscriptions.

According to Microsoft, most people who sell these product keys on eBay are doing it illegally because they are usually stolen. However, there are genuine product keys for sale, which are actually retail licenses intended for a specific product channel.

Fortunately, you can resell Microsoft software as a package and not just the product key.

Microsoft software is usually packaged in a CD or DVD meaning it is a tangible item that you can ship to the buyer. The catch is you have to be a Microsoft partner or a Microsoft certified reseller.

eBay will require you to prove that you are an authorized seller of Microsoft products while listing your items. Being an authorized seller means that Microsoft has allowed you to sell their products on their behalf.

How to Become a Microsoft Software Reseller

Becoming a Microsoft software reseller can be a lucrative opportunity for you to make some money as a small business. Microsoft is open to partnering with distributors worldwide to reach their consumers.

Here’s what you have to do to become a Microsoft software reseller:

  • Go to Microsoft Partner Website and click “Become a Partner”. Proceed to fill in all the information about you and your company.
  • The second step is to manage your membership. You can subscribe to the Microsoft Action Pack Solution provider to enjoy benefits such as internal use, full version software, online support, etc.
  • Microsoft will take you through training on their learning portal. Here, you will gain access to virtual training classes about sales, technical, products, and solutions relating to Microsoft software.
  • Next, you will have to do an exam to get your Microsoft Partner Network Competency certificate.
  • The next step is to create your reseller account, where you can place an order for volume licenses from other authorized distributors in your area. You can get a list of distributors from the Microsoft Partner Network.
  • Read the Microsoft distributor agreement to understand the terms and conditions.

Starting as a Microsoft reseller might require a sizable capital, especially if you want to buy software in bulk. However, it is possible to make your money back, plus profit.

How to List Your Microsoft Product on eBay

Follow the instructions below to list your Microsoft products on eBay:

  • Log in to your eBay seller account.
  • Click on Browse categories and select everything else.
  • Next, select information products and then other information products.
  • Under the selling details section, select the classified ad format. Authorized sellers can sell the item on eBay.
  • You must show that you are an authorized seller of Microsoft products within your listing.
  • Pay the charges required to post your listing.
  • Afterward, your listing will remain live for up to 30 days.

What are the Delivery Options for Digital Goods on eBay?

Unfortunately, you cannot deliver digital goods digitally on eBay. This is part of eBay’s policy, whose goal is to protect buyers from corrupt software and copyright infringement. That is why digital products on eBay are only listed as classified ads.

Therefore, if you sell Microsoft products that are not tangible, the sale cannot happen on eBay.

Instead, the classified ad should guide your buyers on where to buy and download the product. This can be tough for sellers because the whole point of selling digital goods is to be able to deliver the items electronically and sometimes automatically. This way, sellers have cut out shipping costs.

What Happens if I Do Not Follow eBay’s Policy to Sell Microsoft Software?

Digital goods are very sensitive, and you do not want to fall victim to buying software that can damage your machine forever. That is why eBay is very strict on sellers who wish to sell digital products.

Sellers who do not follow eBay’s Microsoft selling policy should expect the following:

  • eBay will cancel or end your listings
  • eBay will demote or hide all your listings from the search results page
  • You will receive a low seller rating
  • Your account will receive buying and selling restrictions.
  • eBay will suspend your account until further notice
  • eBay will not refund any money paid concerning listings or accounts when sellers are found guilty of not complying with their policy.

You can learn more here about eBay’s electronically delivered items policy.

Is Selling Microsoft Software on eBay a Good Idea?

Selling products on eBay can be a good idea, but not every product will make you a profit.

First, eBay’s strict policy on selling digital products can be discouraging. What’s more, Microsoft is very strict about who can sell their products and with sue your pants off if you try to make a quick buck with software that you don’t have the right to resell.

Furthermore, the platform does not approve of digital delivery for digital goods. Listing a classified ad on eBay will also cost you a pretty penny, and the money you make from the product might not be worth it.

When it comes to digital goods, we recommend considering other eCommerce websites that are more user-friendly.

Another option for software sellers is to use their own websites to transact.

Finally, you should know that eBay does not offer protection for digital products, so you are not guaranteed a refund from eBay if anything goes wrong.

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