Can I Reuse Amazon Boxes To Ship USPS Packages?

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Are you wondering what to do with those Amazon boxes piled up in your house? If you are creative, you have probably done several DIY projects making laundry and storage baskets. Recycling and reusing packaging is a simple way to help save the environment, and luckily you can do more than creative projects using amazon boxes.

So, can you reuse Amazon boxes to ship USPS packages? You can reuse amazon boxes for shipping with USPS and any other courier service available. However, you must ensure that the boxes comply with the shipping service’s packaging rules. Every courier service has a set of regulations regarding the size and quality of packaging, including USPS. Therefore, you must comply with the rules to ship your packages successfully using reused boxes.

Amazon uses corrugated boxes to ship their packages. These boxes are lighter and more durable than the traditional cardboard boxes that are easily damaged. Corrugated boxes are also printable and can withstand long storage periods. Therefore, it is safe to say that Amazon boxes check the quality packaging box in packaging requirements.

However, USPS has other requirements for their packaging, and you must prepare your amazon box accordingly. Use the guide below to help you.

How to Prepare Your Amazon Box for Shipping with USPS (4-Step Checklist)

Follow the steps below to ensure you can reuse your Amazon box for shipping with USPS.

1. Ensure Your Box is Still in “Ship-Ready” Condition

Maintaining the quality of your boxes starts from the unpacking stage. You have to use the proper tools to cut the tape and be careful when opening the box so you do not tear it. Shipping involves a lot of handling with machines and people, and your box has to be sturdy to survive the process.

You also have to ensure that you are storing your boxes properly. Piling other things on top of your boxes will make them lose shape, and irregular box shapes might pass through the scanning or processing machines. In addition, irregular box shapes and sizes might lead to extra costs at the USPS.

2. Be Mindful of Size and Weight

Size and weight are directly related to the shipping price for your packages. USPS recommends that you pack your products in well-fitting boxes. For example, do not pack a watch in a shoebox. Instead, get a small box that will fit the watch and additional cushioning to protect the screen.

USPS recommends you stick to standard box sizes to be on the safe side. Your Amazon box should not exceed a total of 180 inches in length and circumference. However, if you are USPS Retail Ground, this changes to 130 inches total. Furthermore, USPS packages should not exceed 70lbs because anything heavier will result in extra shipping fees.

3. Remove All Logos, Branding, Addresses, and Barcodes from Your Amazon Box

Although Amazon uses discreet shipping, their boxes still have their brand logo and sometimes information about the buyer or seller.

You do not have to cover the Amazon logo. Still, you must remove all other labels that include personal information and any branding, especially if it advertises products prohibited by the USPS.

Products prohibited by the USPS include:

  • Marijuana
  • Ammunition
  • Air Bags
  • Gasoline
  • Explosives

Other products like alcohol and perfumes are restricted, meaning you can only a certain amount is allowed per shipment. So, if your box has alcohol branding showing amounts that exceed what is permitted, the USPS will assume that it represents the contents inside the box and deny you shipping services.

To know more about USPS restriction rules, visit their official website. However, for now, ensure you remove or cover any existing barcodes, labels, and logos from your Amazon box to enjoy smooth shipping services.

4. Pack and Secure Your Shipment Properly

Different products require different packing methods. For example, if you are shipping fragile items, you need to add extra cushioning so your product does not break or get scratched during the shipping process.

You can use several things to protect your products: bubble wrap, old newspapers, packing foam, and airbags.

Next, you have to ensure that the box is properly sealed with great packing tape. There are three main types of tape you can choose from, including:

  • Plastic tape
  • Water-activated reinforced tape
  • 60lb. water-activated paper tape

Whichever type you choose, ensure that it is 2 inches wide. The best way to seal your package with tape is by forming a letter H while taping across the seams and flaps at the top and bottom of the box.

Do not be tempted to wrap the box with clear plastic paper as this can easily tear during shipping. Also, if you put any information on the paper, it will get lost with the torn paper.

After sealing your box, put the address and any other labels required to ensure your package is delivered to the correct location and person.

Is It Cheaper to Reuse Amazon Boxes to Ship USPS Packages?

USPS offers a variety of packaging options at different prices. For example, they do not charge for Priority Mail Packaging. On the other hand, USPS also offers Flat Rate boxes meaning the boxes have a fixed price regardless of the weight of your product.

Flat Rate boxes are the best option for shipping large or heavy items because the price is constant. These boxes come in three sizes, small, medium, and large, with prices ranging from $10 to $22.

Reusing Amazon boxes to ship USPS packaging can be cheaper, but it depends on the type of USPS packaging you choose. If you are shipping small items, it makes sense to reuse Amazon boxes because you will cut your shipping costs. This can improve your bottom line as a small eCommerce business.

Can You Reuse Amazon Boxes to Ship USPS Packages Internationally?

International shipping comes with many rules and regulations, and some of them affect packaging. Fortunately, using used boxes is not prohibited, meaning you can comfortably reuse your Amazon boxes to ship USPS packages internationally.

Remember to prepare your Amazon box accordingly using the steps described earlier in this article. Additionally, you must comply with the international shipping requirements of the USPS shipping service you choose.


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