How To Cross List From eBay To Mercari (Double-Dip On Sales)

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I must admit, I’ve only ever listed a single item on Mercari.

Despite this, I’ve sold over 300 items and made over $13,000 on Mercari over the past year and a half. Add that to the six-figure sales we’ve enjoyed on eBay during that time and you could say that we’re fans of reselling.

cross-list eBay items on Mercari sales results

The secret, of course, is to cross list from eBay to Mercari every time you list a new item.

Now I’m not talking bout simply transferring all of your listings to Mercari and giving up on eBay. I’m talking about double-dipping and having your item listed on multiple platforms at a time, greatly increasing your chances of a sale!

The Best Way To Cross List Your eBay Listings On Mercari

When I first started branching out onto new platforms I looked up the fastest way to move my listings over and, according to the advice of a YouTube video, decided to copy and paste over the pictures and information.

It took forever.

Well, it actually took 3-4 minutes. I figured if I spent an hour cross listing my items every day I would have everything moved over in 3-4 months. Assuming I stopped listing things on eBay.

In other words, I had to find a faster solution.

While some people actually hire an assistant to move their listings over I wanted to be in total control of my store and inventory.

Enter List Perfectly.

List Perfectly provides a much faster solution if you want to move your eBay listings to Mercari, your Mercari listings to eBay, eBay listings to Poshmark, etc.

List Perfectly isn’t witchcraft. It’s simply a browser extension that automatically pulls all the pictures and information from a listing on one platform and copies it into a new listing on another.

List Perfectly is the entire reason that I was able to move over 1,000 eBay listings onto Mercari within a week of part-time work. (See the results of our cross-listing here)

Remember, if you’re a reseller, every second you can save is another second you can spend sourcing or listing new items!

Check out our full List Perfectly review to see if it’s right for you!

Do eBay and Mercari Allow Listing Tools?

eBay is surprisingly lenient when it comes to 3rd party tools on their platform. Several kinds of listing apps, cross-posting software, and more are all allowed.

I have never heard of a person who had an issue with List Perfectly on eBay.

However, if you’re using it to exclusively cross list your eBay items on Mercari, it gets a bit murkier.

Mercari listing tools are typically not allowed on the platform. Any type of bot is also not allowed.

It comes down to how List Perfectly is actually classified and whether or not you’ll run into problems using it.

In my opinion, List Perfectly is more of a time-saving tool than an actual piece of software that would be disallowed. It is simply a very smart copy and paste tool.

I’ve used List Perfectly to move over 2,000 items between Mercari and eBay and have never run into a problem.

The only problems I’ve heard others run into was if they started cross-listing items too fast and got limited by Mercari. These limits have always been temporary and I’ve never heard of anyone getting indefinitely suspended on Mercari because they used List Perfectly.

How To Move Your eBay Listings To Mercari With List Perfectly (2 Methods)

If you want to transfer your Mercari listings to eBay the smart way (with List Perfectly) there are two ways to go about it:

Add Them To Your List Perfectly Catalog

Adding your items to the List Perfectly Catalog means that they are available on the List Perfectly site to edit, relist, etc.

This is especially helpful if you sell items of varying quantity or you want to end and relist items often.

Even if your items are no longer on eBay you can have them stored in your Catalog to post onto whatever platform you see fit.

Copy Listings Directly

This is usually the method that I use to cross list between Mercari and eBay.

Simply access your active listings on My eBay and you can select which items you want to copy over. Once you have selected the current batch (I usually choose 10 or so at a time) you hit “Copy” and it will move them to whatever platforms you select in a new tab. You then correct anything you want and hit “list”!

You just cross listed your items!

I typically do this at the end of every day or at least a couple of times per week. Because it’s so quick I typically cross-list all of my listings, regardless of item type.

Is Cross Listing Your Items Worth It?

If you’re a full-time reseller you should absolutely be selling on more than one platform.

Each platform reaches an entirely different demographic than the others and items that sell quickly on one will sit forever on another.

The other (even bigger) reason to sell on multiple platforms is to keep allof your eggs out of a single basket. eBay is notorious for having dry spells or even major outages that prevent sellers from moving inventory.

During a major update of eBay’s last year, we went from averaging $3-400 per day to no eBay sales for 4 days straight. Luckily we were also selling n Mercari and still had some money coming in.

Diversifying your investments (or your business in this case) is prudent if you want to last for more than a few months in the reseller world.

List Perfectly Cross Listing Resources


Of all the platforms that people choose to sell on, I would focus my efforts on eBay and Mercari. You could add in thredUP or Poshmark if you are heavily into clothes but, for everyone else, cross list your eBay listings on Mercari with List Perfectly and hit the ground running!

While Mercari doesn’t have the traffic to double your sales, we figure that cross listing has added around 15% in sales over the past year.

It may not seem like much but that’s another $10,000+ that we can spend on Liquidation lots or at the Goodwill Outlet.

Whichever platforms you choose, happy sales!

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