67 eBay Feedback Examples (Both Positive and Negative)

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If you are an eBay seller, the feedback you receive is the lifeblood of your eBay store. It’s something that might never occur to you while the getting is good, but as soon as you get some negative feedback you can expect it to become a big deal very fast.

When I first received negative feedback I was devastated. I spend a couple of hours scrolling through other people’s feedback to find examples of both positive and negative eBay feedback. I really just wanted to know how far out of the ordinary it was to get negative marks.

Long story short, it’s pretty common.

Now, if you’re just creating your eBay auto-feedback settings, you might want some examples of eBay feedback so you can load up your feedback library and not be leaving the same few comments every time.

Because of that, I thought I’d give you some common examples of eBay feedback that falls on both sides of the fence. But first, let’s talk about how exactly you can leave feedback and make it trouble-free.

How To Leave Feedback on eBay

If you are a seller who is still leaving feedback by selecting each transaction and typing in your comment then you are wasting precious time. eBay has a system that allows you to leave feedback automatically (according to the rules you set).

You have to be subscribed to Selling Manager Pro (a store add-on) but you should be anyway. Simply head over here and subscribe so you can start leaving feedback without wasting more of your time!

For example, we load up with the eBay feedback examples from the list above and set rules…

eBay Positive Feedback Examples

Positive Feedback For Sellers

Now, you are limited to 80 characters so you can’t be leaving people novels. Just hit the highlights for the service they provided you.

  • Thank you!
  • Well packaged, great item.
  • Shipped quickly, great condition
  • Even better than I expected!
  • Five-star seller! I’ll be back!
  • Great packaging, I appreciate the note!
  • Excellent in every way!
  • Nice item, great price!
  • Seller responded quickly to my concerns.
  • Received broken item, seller replaced.
  • Top-notch quality and service.
  • Quick resolution to a minor issue.
  • Very professional and reliable seller.
  • Great experience, highly recommended!
  • Securely packaged, no damage during shipping.
  • Prompt and friendly communication.
  • Friendly and helpful, a pleasure to deal with.
  • Outstanding experience, top-rated seller!
  • A+ seller!
  • Everything as pictured.
  • Items works great, no issues.
  • Received item sooner than expected!
  • Seller shipped on the day requested.
  • Such a beautiful item!
  • Feels very high quality!
  • Best price I’ve been able to find!
  • So many great deals from this seller!
  • Not my first purchase here and not my last!
  • All good. Thank you.
  • Excellent packaging. Fragile item was fine!
  • Excellent product, just as described.
  • Superb seller, great communication throughout.
  • Impressed with the overall experience!
  • Hassle-free return, great customer service.
  • Quality product, couldn’t be happier!
  • Fast delivery, item in perfect condition.
  • Great attention to detail in packaging.
  • Fantastic communication, highly recommend!
  • Item arrived in pristine condition.
  • Outstanding customer service!
  • Super fast shipping, thank you!
  • Accurate description and smooth transaction.
  • Very satisfied with my purchase!
  • Extremely helpful and courteous seller.
  • Love my item, exactly as described!
  • Trustworthy seller, will definitely buy again.
  • Item exceeded my expectations, great value!
  • Seller went above and beyond to assist me.
  • Item arrived safe and sound, well protected.
  • Perfect transaction, would buy from again.
  • Terrific seller, fast and efficient.
  • Lightning-fast shipping, amazing service!

Positive Feedback Examples for Buyers

This doesn’t have to be significant. After all, they didn’t do much! I typically wait until a week or so after the item has been delivered to leave feedback. This lets me skip the awkward situation in which I leave glowing feedback upon the buyer’s payment and then they turn out to be psycho.

I typically leave one of the following comments as feedback:

  • Prompt payment, valued customer. Thank you!
  • A++ buyer!
  • Thank you! We hope to see you again!
  • Stress-free buyer!
  • Thank you for your business!
  • 5-star buyer!

Other notes about positive feedback:

When leaving feedback, there are a few things you should be aware of. Especially if you want your feedback to stick.

First of all, don’t be passive-aggressive (or negative). If the tone of your feedback is not congruent with the positive feedback the seller can call and either have the feedback entirely removed or have the feedback left but your comment removed.

Also, try to include or reference only things that the seller actually had control over. I’ve had several people leave me feedback (both good and bad) for things like a package getting lost, the carrier being late/rude, etc. Leave buyer feedback for things like packaging, handling time, communication, item condition, etc.

eBay Negative Feedback Examples

Negative Feedback For Sellers

eBay negative feedback examples frowny face
Getting negative feedback is scary, but it happens to the best of us.

If you are leaving negative feedback for a seller, examples should hardly be necessary. You should simply leave a comment which describes the negative situation.

I will say, please do not leave negative feedback for issues that are outside of the buyer’s control, issues that the buyer fixed, or without talking to the buyers first. They will often make it right.

If, however, negative feedback is necessary (and sometimes it is) here are some good examples that I’ve seen:

  • Insufficient packaging. Item arrived damaged.
  • Rude seller. Disappointing experience.
  • Seller refused return. eBay intervened.
  • Item not in promised condition. Refused return.
  • Messaged seller 5 times, no response.
  • Item was not new. Missing parts.
  • Shirt was stained. Unwearable.
  • Received item was different than pictured.
  • Shipped wrong item and refused return.
  • Measurements incorrect. No response.
  • 100% cotton, not wool as stated.
  • Buyer never shipped the item.
  • Fake tracking number uploaded.
  • Seller tried to sell outside of eBay.
  • Buyer claimed that I asked to cancel.

If you are leaving negative feedback, do your best to leave emotions out of it. It will ensure that the feedback will stand and will be far more informative to people looking to buy from the seller than simply “Arrrgghhh so bad :(“

Negative Feedback Examples for Buyers

Tricked ya…you can’t actually leave negative feedback for buyers. This used to be allowed but it led to people leaving “revenge feedback” or withholding feedback until you gave them positive marks (in other words, blackmail).

These days you can only leave positive feedback for buyers and, if they deserve negative feedback, report them.

Should you leave Neutral Feedback?

Probably. In most cases where you’re contemplating leaving negative feedback for an experience on eBay, neutral feedback will be a better option.

Neutral feedback is not nearly as harmful to a seller’s accounts and leaves some latitude for understanding and human error. Neutral feedback is especially useful in a situation that would have otherwise been negative but was rectified by the seller.

For example:

  • Item damaged in transit. Buyer refunded.
  • Incorrect item sent, buyer accepted return.
  • VCR didn’t work. Buyer refunded w/o return.
  • The color was very different than pictured.
  • Material not what was stated. Still nice.

Responding To Feedback On eBay

Even though negative feedback can technically be removed on eBay, sometimes it’s simply not worth the hassle (and it can be a hassle, I promise…).

Instead, we’ll simply respond to the feedback so that, if anyone is reading through the feedback for our store, they’ll know more about our side of the story.

You can respond to feedback by simply going to your feedback.

Here’s how we responded to a recent piece of negative feedback we received on our eBay account:

Other Things To Know About eBay Feedback

As with positive feedback, there are a few hoops that you should be prepared to jump through as you leave (or receive) negative feedback.

  1. Negative feedback can be removed. If you leave or receive untruthful negative feedback, the buyer can call eBay’s customer service and have them remove it. Even if the feedback is true, avoid cursing, slander, etc. as they aren’t allowed in eBay’s feedback. If you want your feedback to stick, be objective but opinion-based. For example: “The dress was not in the condition I expected.” No one can argue with that…
  2. Feedback can be revised. If a buyer accidentally leaves you negative feedback, don’t fear, you can have them revise it! Also, if a buyer leaves you a negative review for a situation that you later fix, ask them to revise feedback (at least to neutral so that your seller rating will not be affected.


I hope you both appreciate how important feedback is and now find it easy to know what to say! Having some examples of eBay feedback should get the wheels in your mind turning and help you come up with your own more easily.

So get out there, get buying (or selling), leave feedback, and be nice!

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