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Simply type “Reseller” or “ResellingRevealed” into the List Perfectly Coupon Code box when checking out to get 30% off your first month. The coupon doesn’t expire and is 100% verified!

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It’s no secret that we love List Perfectly. Why wouldn’t we after it helped us increase our sales by 20% in the first week of using it? (read about that here)

In fact, we were on their waiting list before they even opened up sign-ups, and, after a year of using their service, decided to partner with them to promote their cross-posting software.

Now, we’re super picky about who we work with since this blog and reselling on eBay are our full-time income. We do not recommend products or services we don’t use and this one is no exception. If you resell items online, List Perfectly is a game-changer.

If you’re going to sign up for List Perfect, don’t do so without a coupon! There are several List Perfectly Coupons out there but ours will save you a full 30% off your first month (we also get a small affiliate commission which helps us provide more free content).

Just type our promo code “ResellingRevealed” into the Coupon Code box when signing up to get your discount.

(It’s also worth noting that your List Perfectly coupon takes 30% off the pro-rated price so, for maximum value, sign up near the beginning of the month)

How Much Will Our List Perfectly Coupon Save You?

It is a 30% off coupon but the amount (in dollars) that it will save you depends on when you sign up during the month and the plan that you choose. If you sign up at the beginning of the month (so that your price is not prorated) then you will have the following savings:

List Perfectly PlanWithout CouponWith Coupon
Simple Plan
(For Beginners)
Business Plan
(For Growing Businesses)
Pro Plan
(For Full-Time Sellers)
List Perfectly Coupon Code Savings

Now, it’s obvious that the coupon code will save you more money with the high-dollar plans. However, since you need to pay for your subscription monthly, you shouldn’t necessarily get the most expensive plan that there is.

Which List Perfectly Plan is Right for You?

List Perfectly offers plans at three different levels, each with its own price point and perks. We currently use the Business Plan and recommend it for most sellers from part-time to at-home full-time sellers. Even the bottom plan provides excellent value.

Every level provides:

  • Access to 10 of the most popular listing platforms
  • An unlimited number of cross-postings to each platform
  • The ability to create reusable templates to speed up your listing and cross-posting
  • High-resolution image hosting within your List Perfectly Account
  • Multiple Account Support – (for example, you could cross-post all or part of your eBay listings to two different Mercari or Poshmark accounts)
  • Automatic copying of the Image, Title, and Description to your new listing (more details are copied over with higher-level plans)

There are some perks that come with the higher plans, and since not everyone’s business is the same, here’s the breakdown that I feel would make each plan worth it and who should choose what:

List Perfectly PlanAdditional FeaturesBest For:
SimpleNone, basic access only.Low-volume sellers who list only a couple of items per day.
Business– Additional Platforms (Shopify & Instagram)
– Bulk Crossposting (This is a game changer that allows you to select and crosspost as many items at once as you want)
– Many more details are copied over including Price, MSRP, UPC, Color, Size, Material, Keywords, Brand, Quantity, and SKU
– Images are automatically resized so you don’t have to manually crop or fix them on each platform
Most sellers. This level represents the best value and will support sellers who list thousands of items per month.
ProAll of the Business Plan features plus:
– Additional details copied over: Brand, International Size, Condition, Shipping Weight, Dimensions, Convert inches to centimeters
– Allows a custom footer on each platform where you can add notes
– The ability to draft listings and save drafts
High-volume sellers who need to save the maximum amount of time.
List Perfectly Plan Comparison

A good option, if you’re unsure, is to use our promo code to get a discount on a higher-level plan and, if you don’t end up needing all the features, downgrade for the next month so you don’t have to pay full price at a higher tier.

What is List Perfectly?

List Perfectly is an online tool that allows sellers of 12 different platforms to cross-post their inventory onto other platforms much more quickly.

List Perfectly is actively being developed and we hope to see even more platforms supported and features added in the coming months! (Although you should join now just in case the price goes up). Currently, List Perfectly supports eBay, Mercari, Poshmark, Depop, Tradesy, Grailed, Etsy, FB Marketplace, Kidizen, Shopify, and Instagram.

This is how we use it:

  • We list an item on eBay just as we normally would (you can also start off on Poshmark or any other of the 12 platforms that they currently support)
  • Once the listing is published, we go to our active listings, select an item (or more than one) and choose the platform to cross-post it to.
  • List Perfectly then copies all of the information, opens the other platform in a new tab, and automatically inputs the pictures, description, item categories, filters, etc.
  • You can then edit anything you want before hitting “Post”

Before List Perfectly we had to manually save each picture, upload it, copy and paste descriptions, etc. We figure that List Perfectly is about 4x as fast as doing things manually.

Do eBay and Poshmark Allow Crossposting?

Yes, both eBay and Poshmark allow cross-posting. Your inventory is yours to sell (or not sell) wherever you wish. They do, however, advise sellers to maintain their listings consistently to avoid selling the same item on multiple platforms.

List Perfectly does not have the ability to end a listing when it sells on another platform (nor does any other cross-posting software that we’re aware of). The top-tier plan offers an additional ability to end or deactivate your listings via List Perfectly but we

What makes List Perfectly Worth It?

List Perfectly is absolutely worth it for our business. We get about 1/3 of our sales on Mercari. However, if you’re not willing to take cross-posting seriously it might not be for you. I will say, however, that List Perfectly reports that it saves its users an average of 40 hours per hundred listings. While that’s not true for us, it does save us a huge amount of time!

From our own experience and research, if you want to crosspost more than 5 items per day, List Perfectly is worth it.

We cross-post 5-10 items per day (around 250 items per month) and here’s how the numbers shake out for us:

  • Cost for our membership: $49/month
  • Average Time Saved: Around 12 hours (2-3 mins per listing)
  • Sales via Mercari: $2-3000/month

Your cost-effectiveness may be higher or lower (depending on the number of items you cross-post, how many platforms you use, etc.) I will say this, though, if you actually use the software you’ll have a few hard times not getting your money’s worth. Especially in the first month when you use a List Perfectly coupon. The added bonus is that it’s risk-free!

If you decided that it’s not worth it for you after the first month (or you have everything cross-posted) you can cancel your subscription anytime and your listings will stay active (you just won’t be able to make additional listings).

A Cool Tidbit: The Real People Behind List Perfectly

Any discussion of List Perfectly Coupons or of the software itself would be incomplete if it failed to mention the awesome ladies behind the creation and our favorite cross-posting software. There were (or maybe still are?) actual resellers who saw a need in the market and created the software that they would personally like to use. They are super friendly and involved in the business even now that it had grown to be so large.

So, whether or not you decided to use our List Perfectly coupon to get your 30% off, you should really consider crossposting your inventory to up your game. Happy Selling!

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