My 11 Most Trusted eBay Sellers for Luxury Designer Bags

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If you’re looking to buy designer handbands from eBay, buying from an established seller is the most important tip I can give you. Even though it’s against eBay policy there are people selling fake used bags, fake new bags, really expensive knockoffs, absolute garbage, and everything in-between.

Buying from a seller that consistently seller designer goods means that you’re buying from a seller that handles many authentic handbags and is much less likely to risk their business on selling fakes.

But which eBay stores are trustworthy?

Well you can do what we did. That is, read thousands of feedback, buy dozens of bags, get mostly real ones but a bunch of fakes too. Or, you can simply follow our advice.

We have bought literally hundreds of designer bags and luxury items to resell (hence this blog) and so we know a thing or two about the industry. (Actually, check out our 7 tips for buying authentic designer handbags on eBay here)

So, if you want to avoid scams, here are the sellers the we routinely use and recommend (names are clickable):

  1. Japan_monoshare
  2. AppleProject
  3. Boom2Hanten
  4. Brand_JFA
  5. Energy-Japan
  6. AuthenticityGuaranteed1111
  7. Hirakoba0307
  8. EG-System

While no seller is infallible, picking one of the above sellers will give you the best deal and the best odds. They have tens-of-thousands of luxury bags and items among them so you should be able to find exactly what you want!

Should I buy from overseas?

Probably! We had better experiences buying bags from overseas, especially when it comes to the prices you can get. Yes, shipping can take forever, the packaging isn’t always great, and you have to look at all the pictures to be sure of the condition…but if you put in the work you can find amazing deals!

Should I buy on auction or a Buy It Now?

It depends. However, patience will always award you with better deals. If you don’t want to wait or deal with the added stress to save a couple of bucks, purchasing on a But It Now will ensure that you get the bag you want much more quickly.

Why do some stores have negative feedback?

Nearly every store I listed has some negative feedback. This is to be expected if they’ve been selling on eBay for any length of time. Many buyers are unreasonable and many will leave all kinds of eBay feedback to force returns, get refunds, etc.

As long as the overwhelming majority of the feedback is positive (>98%) you can be relatively certain you’re in good hands.


If you are careful and patient, buying luxury goods or even hyped items from eBay care be a stress-free experience. After buying hundreds of items, (and saving hundreds of thousands of dollars off of retail) it’s hard to imagine shopping anywhere else. Best of luck!

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