9 Things To Know About List Perfectly BEFORE Signing Up

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After selling full-time on eBay, Mercari, and Poshmark for more than 5 years, there are only a handful of tools I feel like I can’t do without.

Sure, you can bootstrap a reselling business. You don’t need a camera, mannequin, or thermal printer. However, as you try to grow and scale your eBay hustle, you’ll need to invest in tools that save you both money and time.

List Perfectly is the best example of one of those tools. At least in my unprofessional opinion.

After all, if you sell on eBay, why not sell on Mercari too? If you’re on Poshmark, why not try eBay, Mercari, or Kidizen? Having more lines in the water does nothing but increase your sale (not to mention the fact that diversification decreases your risk substantially).

The old argument was that “cross-posting takes too long.” Well, not anymore. With List Perfectly you can cross-post items in 1/5th the time it used to take.

In other words, for 20% more time you can potentially double your sales. No brainer, right?

Well, before you jump into spending your hard-earned dollars on List Perfectly, there are a few things you should know:

9 Things To Know About List Perfectly Pricing, The App, etc.

1. List Perfectly Has A 5 Day Trial

If you’re on the fence about cross-posting your items, get off that fence!

You can try it absolutely risk-free!

List Perfectly offers a five-day trial which provides the user with 50 free cross-postings. If dissatisfied, a customer can contact customer support and request a full refund within the three-day period.

What’s even better, you can use our List Perfectly coupon codeReseller” during checkout to get 30% off your first month!

You can read more about the free trial here.

2. List Perfectly Is A Desktop Only App

If you’re hoping to keep doing everything on your phone, I’ve got bad news, you can’t.

List Perfectly does not currently offer an app. List Perfectly functions as a browser extension and you must be able to access the store you’re cross-posting from (and to) on a computer.

While this bothered me at first, I soon remembered how much faster it is to do anything on a desktop. With a few clicks, I can choose what to cross-post and where to send them.

But don’t worry about spending a bunch of time in front of your computer. It takes us (my wife or I) about 10 minutes at the end of the day to cross-post our daily listings.

3. List Perfectly Doesn’t End Items On Its Own

One of the biggest fears that people have about cross-posting is that they might sell an item on two platforms at once. I’ll be honest, it could happen. However, we’ve sold over 500 items on Mercari and close to 10,000 on eBay and it’s only happened to us a handful of times.

The key to avoiding such situations is to remember that, as the business owner, it’s your job to stay on top of ending listings on other platforms.

List Perfectly does not automatically end listings if they sell on a different platform. If you have your items in their catalog you can mark them “SOLD” which will allow List Perfectly to end the listing on all platforms it is listed on.

If you don’t add your items to the catalog but simply use List Perfectly to cross-post them directly (as we do) then you’ll have to go onto the platforms and manually end the listing.

4. You Probably Don’t Need The Most Expensive Tier

List Perfectly offers three different subscription levels: Simple, Business, and Pro.

Whatever you do, don’t get the Simple level. It does not get you access to the key feature of List Perfectly: bulk crossposting.

Without the ability to crosspost items in bulk you’ll only be marginally faster (okay, maybe 2x faster) than doing it the old-fashioned way. If you can do 15 listings at once though it will be a game-changer for your business.

However, you can probably get away with the middle tier. We do.

5. You Can Use The Beta Extension To Get Advanced Features

We had only been using List Perfectly for a month or two but we kept seeing people talking about their bulk listing feature. We just couldn’t find it.

It turns out that List Perfectly offers two extensions, the regular version, and the beta version. With the beta version, you get access to all sorts of goodies before they’re deemed stable enough to be pushed onto the main extension. I’d absolutely recommend getting the beta version to get access to all the goodies there are.

6. List Perfectly Customer Service Is Great

One of the reasons that List Perfectly has absolutely exploded onto the reseller scene is that the founders are, in fact, resellers!

Amanda Morse and Clara Albornoz saw the opportunity for a piece of software to take everyone’s reselling business to the next level and they jumped on it!

Their personal approach from the beginning has meant that the company has a personal feel with excellent customer service when you need it!

7. List Perfectly Is Not Against The Terms Of Service Of Any Platforms

At its core, List Perfectly is a very fancy copy and paste machine. It simply copies the information from one site and puts it into a listing on the other site. It does not actually list items for you (you still have to hit the Publish button), it does not spam the platforms, and it doesn’t do anything without your permission.

If you ask customer service, you might be told that any 3rd party listing tools are not allowed. List Perfectly is not a listing robot, it just makes your listing faster.

The only reason that people have gotten in trouble with List Perfectly is that they have been listing too fast! (in which case they usually get a temporary limit, not a suspension).

8. There Is A Large List Perfectly Facebook User’s Group

If you’re looking for evidence that tons of people are happy with List Perfectly, you don’t need to go any further than their Facebook Group!

You can get help with your questions, walk-throughs, and anything else you need from real users (more than 6,500 of them) who are doing the same thing you are doing!

You can find List Perfectly’s Facebook Page here.

9. You Can Share Your List Perfectly Referral Code With Friends For A Bonus!

Instagram is one of the biggest gathering places for eBay, Mercari, and Poshmark sellers. We’ve been absolutely humbled bypassing 14,000 followers on our reselling Instagram!

Do you know what that means? This community is huge!

Now, if you have a following of any sort (even if they’re just friends) you can share a referral code to List Perfectly. If they sign up through your code you’ll get a percentage of their monthly payment! How cool is that?!


In my opinion, List Perfectly is absolutely crucial to growing your reselling business. There is nothing else quite like it. Not to mention the fact that it’s super easy to use.

So if you’re looking for a way to invest in your business, this is it! Besides, the money you spend on it is tax-deductible.

So what are you waiting for?

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