13 Best Women’s Clothing Brands To Sell On Poshmark in 2023

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Figuring out what the best-selling clothing brands are on Poshmark isn’t always easy. On eBay, I just check completed listings. It’s not so easy elsewhere.

One of the main problems with learning how to sell on Poshmark is that it’s always changing. It is a marketplace for current and trendy clothes so, as soon as something is “out” the sales are gone.

On the other end of the spectrum, you have a killer brand that is discovered by resellers, and all of a sudden it’s impossible to find in thrift stores and, when you do finally find it, the market is saturated.

You just can win…or can you?

The secret to success on Poshmark is simply to know as many brands as possible. If you know more clothing brands than your competitor you will almost always be more successful.

To that end, I’ve put together a list of what I consider to be 13 of the best women’s clothing brands to sell on Poshmark. Kind of.

There was no point in making a list of 13 brands you already knew. There was also no point in making a list of brands that “sell well” but are so high-end that the chance of you finding them is almost nil.

Instead, I did my best to walk the line between findable, profitable, and not well-known.

If you’re not quite up to speed yet, however, here is a list of the top brands we’ve sold on Poshmark in the last year.

If you’ve heard of these, you’re probably good to move on to the list below!

  • Anthropologie
  • Eileen Fisher
  • Free People
  • Lululemon
  • Nike
  • Moncler
  • Puma
  • St. John
  • Patagonia
  • The North Face
  • Victoria’s Secret
  • BCBG
  • Kate Spade
  • Johnny Was
  • G-Star
  • True Religion
  • Pendleton
  • prAna
  • Lularoe
  • J.Crew
  • Levi’s
  • Columbia
  • Calvin Klein
  • Athleta
  • Harley Davidson
  • Burberry
  • adidas
  • Madewell
  • Rock Revival
  • Cache
  • City Chic
  • Eddie Bauer
  • Hudson
  • Lafayette 148
  • Mountain Hardwear
  • Michael Kors

Even on that list, you’ll notice the conspicuous lack of luxury brands. This may seem unusual given our penchant for buying Louis Vuitton bags from Japan and flipping them on Poshmark but there’s a good reason for it.

First off, you probably already know the main luxury brands to look for. Secondly, any luxury brands that you find are likely fake (not always…) so if this is the first time you’re hearing of them you’ll likely be picking up fake items.

So, if you’re starting out and need to know some unusual or high-dollar brands to sell on Poshmark, here’s my list! (Also note, this is a cherry-picked list from an eBook that only subscribers to our newsletter have access to)


Most Common Types of Clothing: Dresses, tops, and outerwear

What to Look For: Boden makes trendy, “chic” styles which makes it the perfect brand for Poshmark. Look for brightly patterned or unusually cute dresses, jackets, skirts, and tops. When I find Boden clothing, it’s typically because something unusual has caught my eye and I’m checking to see if it’s an Anthropologie piece.

Boden also makes a lot of linen pieces, so if you see something linen, check that brand! (Which you should be doing anyway…)

Outlook on Poshmark: Boden are not big money makers but still sell well. We pick up especially cute items and add them to our bread and butter stock.

Resale Value: Low-Medium


Most Common Types of Clothing: Dresses, skirts, and tops

What to Look For: ETCETERA defines itself as “Classic with a Modern Twist.” Unfortunately, this translates to “difficult to identify because they don’t have a strong identity.” You should be identifying and checking the tags on trendy items anyway, so that is the most common way you’ll find ETCETERA.

Outlook on Poshmark: Etcetera is an unusual brand with a loyal following. The market has slowed down recently and this has become more of a bread-and-butter brand, but we still pick it up whenever we can!

Resale Value: Low-Medium

3. Rag & Bone (24)

Most Common Types of Clothing: Jeans and shirts.

What to Look For: Rag & Bone is a relatively new (less than 10 years old) New York company that makes trendy clothing in cute, but hard-to-recognize styles. In other words, you’ll have
to be looking at brand tags to find the brand. They have a consistent and recognizable tag, however, so as long as you recognize the name, you’ll be in business.

As with many
brands, your location will highly influence whether or not you find certain brands. Rag & Bone items are unusual in our neck of the woods, but if you live in a large city (or closer to New York), you’ll likely have better luck.

Outlook on Poshmark: The majority of Rag & Bone pieces we’ve found have been in very good condition, which is necessary for a high resale value. The market for nice pieces
(such as jeans or other denim) is holding quite steady. Shoes have not done nearly as well for us, and tops fit more into the bread-and-butter category on Poshmark.

Resale Value: Medium


Most Common Types of Clothing: Tops, cardigans, and pants

What to Look For: ETRO is yet another Italian powerhouse fashion brand that does great on Poshmark. Originally founded as a textile/prints company, ETRO is known for its complex and beautiful fabric designs. Their paisley pattern has been iconic since its inception in the late ’60s and is the most commonly found design in thrift stores.

Basic dresses from ETRO sell in the $500-$1000 range when new, and can go for hundreds of dollars in pre-owned condition, depending on the style and print (brighter designs do
better). Beyond checking unusual and bright prints, the only way to find ETRO is to be checking tags.

Outlook on Poshmark: Most high-end brands hold their value if you are patient, and ETRO is no exception. Don’t be tempted to accept a low offer. We typically price for around 10-
25% of what MSRP was.

Resale Value: Medium-High

5. Torrid

Most Common Types of Clothing: Blouses, pants, jackets

What to Look For: Torrid is generally considered to be a plus-sized clothing company and makes clothing in women’s sizes 10-30.

Originally owned by Hot Topic, Torrid does its best to release extremely current and relevant styles, so older pieces might not do as well for you. In general, large or unusual sizes tend to sell very well on Poshmark. Look for large, brightly patterned tops, trendy blazers, and dresses. Since Torrid tries so hard to release what’s hot at that exact moment, older pieces you find might be a bit dated and slow to sell.

Outlook on Poshmark: The market for Torrid is fairly saturated, so don’t buy pieces unless they’re special in some way. Keep a special a special lookout for their Disney collection as it can sell very quickly on Poshmark. Luckily, Torrid is a common enough brand to find that we find one piece worth selling on almost every sourcing trip.

Resale Value: Low

6. Double D Ranch

Most Common Types of Clothing: Leather goods, embroidered blouses

What to Look For: Double D Ranch isn’t even sure how to describe its style… but they summarize it as “a blend between bohemian, cowboy, and Native American heritage.” We just think of them as really fancy cowboy clothes. Look for studs, embroidery, and richly decorated items of clothing. The best-selling items are leather (typically jackets) but we’ll pick up anything we can find.

Outlook on Poshmark: Very good. Double D Ranch releases several new collections a year and, oftentimes, people will pay top dollar for items from past collections that are no longer available.

Resale Value: Medium-High


Most Common Types of Clothing: Dresses, tops, & jackets

What to Look For: We find mainly dresses from ASOS, and the ones with bright and fun patterns do particularly well. We typically don’t grab basic tops but make an exception if they are particularly interesting. ASOS makes a full women’s line (and a short-lived kids line that is also worth flipping), so also look for jeans and jackets.

When you list an item, be sure to list it by the US size and not the UK size! We have mixed them up more than once.

Outlook on Poshmark: Fair. Good items sell, and mediocre items sit – so be selective in your sourcing.

Resale Value: Low

8. Rising International

Most Common Types of Clothing: Jackets, purses, dresses, tops

What to Look For: You know the style: purses and jackets that look like they’ve been stitched together by a hippie out of colorful rags. Look for hoodies, jackets, dresses, and bags – the more colorful and distressed the better. Also, 3D embellishments (such as flowers) add value.

Outlook on Poshmark: Despite what many lowballers seem to think, the market for Rising International remains excellent. People routinely price jackets and sweaters under $20, but if you take good pictures and price at $30-$35, as we do, buyers always seem to come. Because every piece is so different, if somebody wants your specific pattern and style, they are willing to pay to get it.

Resale Value: Low-Medium

9. Sundance Co.

Most Common Types of Clothing: Sweaters & tops

What to Look For: Sundance (a Robert Redford resort) is only about 15 minutes from my house, and while I have been there several times, I had no idea that an awesome brand had
sprouted in my backyard until I started reselling!

The “Sundance Catalog” of items is released annually and showcases a full line of women’s clothing, as well as jewelry and men’s items. Keep an eye open for tops (particularly
embroidered ones), cardigans, and jeans.

Outlook on Poshmark: Fair. The demand for higher-end pieces such as mohair and silk items has increased, while the market for basic items has slowed significantly. Keep an eye out for Sundance hoodies as they are amazing sellers.

Resale Value: Low-Medium

10. Nick & Nora

Most Common Types of Clothing: Pajama sets & nightgowns

What to Look For: Nick & Nora is a sleepwear designer that makes some of the best flipping pajamas! (See what I did there? ha) The more specific and unusual the pattern is, the more valuable your item likely is. Niche items often sell slower though, so you have to wait for just the right buyer to come along.

Look for two-piece sets and nightgowns. Don’t be tempted to pick up single pieces no matter how nice the pattern is, as they will sit in your Poshmark closet forever.

Outlook on Poshmark: When we first started selling, Nick and Nora sets would sell for $40 all day long. Now, if you find good patterns and sit on them for a while, you’ll be hoping for $30.

Resale Value: Low

11. FLAX

Most Common Types of Clothing: Dresses, skirts, and rompers.

What to Look For: If you aren’t familiar with it already, you’ll quickly come to know the look of linen just by thrifting. Because their clothing is made of linen (which comes from flax, shocking I know), you typically won’t find any flamboyant colors.

While there are some vintage tie-dye pieces, current trends dictate that their recent pieces are subdued whites, grays, browns, etc. Their linen overalls are, without a doubt, their most popular items (some people list them as rompers but let’s be real, they’re overalls), and can sell for over $200 in used condition. Otherwise, style doesn’t seem to matter much and if the item is large but damaged, people may still buy it just for the fabric.

The FLAX tag may alternatively read FLAX DESIGNS and vintage pieces often say FLAX by Jeanne Engelhart (she was their lead designer in yesteryear)

Outlook on Poshmark: Flax is an unusual enough brand that we have had no problems moving it in the current market. We only find a couple of pieces per month, so the market is unlikely to get saturated anytime soon.

Resale Value: Medium-High

12. Wilsons Leather (6)

Most Common Types of Clothing: Leather goods (mostly jackets, but also look for pants, skirts, vests, etc.)

What to Look For: Wilson’s Leather Jackets are probably the most common brand of leather jackets we find at thrift stores. The majority of them are similar, ill-fitting jackets from
the early ’90s and have very little resale value. The notable exceptions are jackets of unusual colors or designs, and jackets with a history. Fringe, beads, embroidery, and feminine colors
all make for winning finds.

Outlook on Poshmark: The market will never be saturated with high-quality, unusual products. Leave the traditional, boring leather jackets on the rack (since they’re typically overpriced anyway), and keep your eyes open for the gems. When you find something unusual, price it high and content yourself knowing that the right buyer will come along
eventually. We just sold a purple Wilson’s jacket for $200 (we paid 6), but it took over a year.

Resale Value: Medium-High

13. Brunello Cucinelli

Most Common Types of Clothing: Sweaters and shirts

What to Look For: Brunello Cucinelli is a man that any hustler or flipper can look up to. He started his own clothing company making brightly colored cashmere sweaters with only $550 (after dropping out of school), and a mere 40 years later he is worth in excess of one billion dollars! Even today, the company is known for its exceptional quality of cashmere.

You are unlikely to find pieces at a local thrift, but we’ve had luck at estate sales and auction houses. Unlike his original brightly colored pieces, more recent pieces are often made in
understated and business-appropriate colors.

Outlook on Poshmark: Because this brand is high-end and a rare find, the market isn’t saturated at all. Pieces that are damaged may also still be worth selling just for the
material, so I would say that the market outlook is as strong as ever.

Resale Value: High

Finding Your Own Brands To Sell on Poshmark

Here’s the problem, by giving you this list of brands to sell on Poshmark, I was really just handing you a fish. In order for you to stay full, you’ll need to learn to fish on your own.

But how do you figure out the best brands to sell on Poshmark?

Well, there are a few things you can do:

  • Look up every interesting brand you come across. Even after 5 years in the reselling game we still look up dozens of brands every time we go thrifting. If you don’t you’ll miss out on some gems.
  • Do research on multiple platforms. Personally, looking up items is easier for me on eBay. If something sells well on eBay I typically assume it will be similar on Poshmark.
  • Go to Nordstrom or Nordstrom Rack and peruse all the clothing. You’ll not only learn about brands but you’ll recognize how genuine articles feel.
  • Follow influencers. I don’t actually do much of this, but it stands to reason that being current on trends and fashion would be helpful in a trendy marketplace such as Poshmark.

Whatever you do, don’t just rely on brand lists you find online. Because if you are learning them off a list, you can bet that hundreds or thousands of other flippers are doing the same.

You’re far better off reading all the lists you can and then doing your best to learn some brands that are above and beyond. That is where your money will be made.

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At the end of the day, knowing what brands to sell on Poshmark is a matter of effort and time. The more time you spend in thrift stores looking up clothing items the better (and faster) you’ll get. And in the flipping game, speed is the name of the game.

So get to the thrift store! Best of luck!

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