13 Best eBay Clothing Stores (Designer, Vintage, Mens, etc.)

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Finding something to buy on eBay isn’t really a problem. If you have money burning a hole in your pocket I can promise that you could go over and find something to buy in just a couple of minutes.

But if spending money on random drivel isn’t your goal (like it isn’t mine…) then maybe we should actually take our shopping a step further.

After all, when you want to head shopping you don’t just head to a strip mall and stop into every store. You stop into stores that you know have good prices, styles that fit with your wardrobe, and great customer service.

Let’s treat eBay the same way.

Rather than finding random one-off items and having the vet tons of different sellers, I decided to make a list of my favorite eBay clothing stores that I’ve bought from and continue to look at.

Finding the best clothing stores on eBay has taken me several years and is the result of purchasing literally more than a hundred items on eBay.

I’ve had some great experiences (and a couple of bad ones) but these are the stores that I feel go the extra mile at providing great value on eBay.

Best Clothing Stores On eBay

As of this writing, there are 13 stores on this list. While there are literally tens of thousands of eBay clothing stores, these are the ones that I feel will give you the best all-around experience. However, I will be adding or subtracting as I have more experiences (or as stores close down) so there may be more or fewer than 13 at any given time!

Best eBay Stores For Vintage Clothing

WyCo Vintage

WyCo Vintage ebay clothing store header

When WyCo Vintage claims to have the largest collection of vintage shirts they aren’t messing around. They currently have over 4,000 shirts available ranging from band tees to peanuts, to non-branded vintage looks. They run the gamut on price too, from $3,000 authentic Rolling Stones tour shirts to $50 sports teams and political shirts.

Not only are they one of the best vintage clothing stores on eBay but they have an ever-changing inventory (including deadstock items) so be sure to check back often!


If I’m being honest, I almost didn’t share this store. Because I didn’t want to let too many people know about it.

However, it’s such a good store that I’d hate for them to go out of business simply because they don’t sell enough stuff.

If you are looking for great deals on vintage clothing, this is the best overall option. They typically only have 1-200 listings live at any given time but they’re all auctions that start dirt cheap. If you are lucky enough to find something in your size that no one else wants (at the moment) you can get it for an absolute steal!

The Captain’s Vintage

If there is a vintage clothing store on eBay that beats out WyCo Vintage on sheer size, it’s this one.

With over 6,000 vintage items available of all types you’re bound to fall in love with something. What’s more, they have a stronger mix of low-priced items and items on auctions for those of us with a little less jangle in our pocket.

Jade Design Vintage Clothing

If you’re looking for women’s vintage clothing, this is the one you’ve been waiting for. Handpicked vintage styles spanning several decades that could fit in just about any type of wardrobe.

You’ll find mainly women’s items with an emphasis on flowy dresses, skirts, etc.

Now, if you’re totally into making your house look like something straight out of the 1950s (or 60s….or 70s, 80s, or 90s) then we’ve got an eBay store for you. Check out ModSquadPicking on eBay for the best vintage home goods such as decorations, art, etc.

Best eBay Stores For Designer Clothing

Buying designer clothing on eBay can be hit or miss. Unfortunately, it can be hard to know what shops are selling authentic designer items and which ones are ripping people off (either scamming them or ignorantly selling fakes).

Having bought Louis Vuitton bags on eBay to resell for several years we’ve learned a thing or two about spotting the good apples. These are some of the best stores you can visit on eBay if you’re in the market for high-end designer goods!

POPPRI Fashion Auctions

Many of our readers have been shocked in the past when we recommend eBay stores that aren’t based in the US. For some reason, they are less trusting of stores based in Asia and Europe. But let me tell you a secret, most designer fashion brands aren’t based in the U.S. either.

So it makes sense (at least in my mind) that my top pick for designer clothing on eBay is a Lithuania-based store.

POPPRI Fashion Auctions takes high-end designer goods (Fendi, Gucci, Stella McCartney, and hundreds of others) that are either NWT or slightly used and need some loving. They routinely repair and sell goods that would otherwise be sent to a landfill.

So now you have even more reason to empty your wallet for that Versace silk dress you’ve been eyeing. You’re saving the planet after all.

Linda’s Stuff

Linda’s Stuff is one of the largest (and oldest) consignment stores for designer clothes on eBay.

You can consign items with them on their site and shop for other people’s pre-loved items on their eBay store.

You can find all sorts of fashion items here for both men and women so roll up your sleeves and dig in! With over 80,000 items listed, it’s going to take you a while!

Simone Sato

I don’t know Simone Sato but apparently, those that do are aware that she has a bunch of very famous friends. Located in the Pacific Palisades (an affluent community outside of Los Angeles) this store has all sorts of high fashion items including those worn or owned by celebrities, rich housewives, etc.

While there are typically only 150-200 items for sale at any given time I wouldn’t worry too much…you can’t afford them all anyway.

Best eBay Stores For Women’s Clothing

Goodwill Seattle & Goodwill San Francisco

We have written extensively about the best Goodwill stores on eBay but I’ll just mention a couple of them here that I feel are the best options for buying clothing.

Both the Seattle and San Francisco Goodwill stores have eBay stores that are several thousand items deep on any given day. Add in the fact that they have a penchant for starting items on auction at $9.99 and you’re nearly as likely to find treasures on eBay as you are a thrift store…all from the comfort of home.


Any mention of the largest or best eBay clothing stores would not be complete without mentioning BHFO for one reason or another.

BHFO is a staggeringly large store with over 100,000 items for sale at any given time (many on auction). Since launching, BHFO has sold and shipped more than 10,000,000 items!

I won’t claim that scrolling through the BHFO store is exciting. It feels like walking through Ross or TJ Maxx. However, there are some great deals to be had on everyday clothing and you’re pretty much guaranteed to find something in your size!

Free Range Clothing

Free Range Clothing is a husband and wife team based in Rexburg Idaho that manages to find and list an incredible amount of second-hand clothing. Scrolling through their eBay store is akin to wandering through a nicely curated thrift store. You’ll find Patagonia and Old Navy items next to Hugo Boss, Elliot, and Filson.

In other words, it’s always an adventure and you never know what you’re going to find!

Most of my purchases from this store have been for outdoor gear which they shipped quickly and I felt super satisfied with. So don’t worry about dipping your toe into these waters!


If auction-style listings are the main pull for you then you’ll love SaleArea. They list tons of new and used clothing both on BIN (Buy It Now) and auction.

This is another one that is pretty hard to put a “style” on since it’s not so much personally curated as it is a massive online thrift store. So you’ll just have to look for yourself!

Best eBay Stores For Men’s Clothing


If you’re a guy that wants to up your style, this is the place. LuxeSwap lists tons of hype brands, designer brands (like, really expensive…) for starting bids of $9.99.

While they are one of the better-known stores (and therefore attract lots of bidders) they are still an awesome option for scoring deals on men’s clothing.

You can find anything in their store from ties to shoes to suits, to jeans. As for brands, it’s anybody’s guess but I’ll tell you that they’ll be very nice and the item will be in good shape. Don’t sleep on this one.


DFWarehouse is probably the quintessential store you thought you’d find on this list. Thousands of new and used clothes on both Buy It Now and Auction. If you get lucky you’ll find something amazing in your size!

While there isn’t much that sets this store about from other clothing stores on eBay I’ve bought from here several times and have had good experiences.

It’s one to keep in your repertoire to check out when looking for something specific (since you’ll probably have to check several stores…)

Arura Clothing

If you’re hunting for adventure gear, this should be your first stop on eBay. You’ll find great deals on (mostly men’s) coats, backpacks, and hiking clothing/gear.

While non of their prices are rock-bottom deals they are all significant savings over MSRP so if you were going to buy the item any way you might as well get it a bit cheaper!

How We Chose The Best eBay Clothing Stores:

When I set out to find the best clothing stores I didn’t just start searching random clothing items on eBay and picking stores out of the blue.

I went straight to my “Saved Sellers” on my account. Many of them are stores that I check regularly and even have notifications set to let me know when they post things in my size.

However, since listing all of my favorite eBay clothing stores would end up with an article way too long for anyone to read, here are the criteria I used to narrow things down.

I looked at 5 different things when accessing stores:


If you’re as picky as I am when it comes to clothes then you probably want to shop at a store with as much variety as possible.

Since I can’t be picky about fit while shopping online, I get very specific about colors, patterns, etc. Because of this, I chose shops that had a variety, not just a single style from a single person’s personal wardrobe.


I chose only stores that I have personally bought items from. But just because I had a great experience doesn’t mean that everyone does. I looked through the recent feedback and evaluated any negative feedback that the stores had in an effort to get an idea of their normal level of service is.

Given that eBay has a system for removing unwarranted negative feedback I could be fairly sure that any negatives that were left on the accounts were genuine issues and I wanted to see whether the store had responded.

I left out a couple of stores that left snarky responses or had what I felt were excessive amounts of negative or neutral feedback.

Store Size

While I definitely gave priority to stores that had unique items, I also didn’t want to include stores that were so limited that most people would struggle to find items. The best stores, in my opinion, have a variety of sizes and post enough items regularly to be of interest to a wide range of people.

Business Model

Since I personally thrift items to sell on eBay I have no problem recognizing the businesses of others who do the same. While I regularly buy from other resellers, I prefer to buy most of my personal clothing from stores that are either more aware of what they’re selling (so that it’s authentic) or have a history of the item (so they know how old it is), etc.

That isn’t to say you won’t find great items from shoppers who find their items at Goodwill, but you could just find a Goodwill Outlet near you and look for great items yourself.

When shopping for something specific, I find that consignment shops are able to consistently offer more inventory that is of higher quality.


I have been extremely excited to find eBay stores that offer amazing designer items starting at $.99 on auction with no reserve. Unfortunately, such stores rarely last. They are typically “out of business” a couple of months later when they realize that their business model is untenable or they are unable to get more inventory.

I looked for stores that were doing more than a single clearance event. Stores that had been around successfully for years and continue to provide awesome clothes for great deals moved to the front of the line.

7 Tips For Buying Clothes On eBay

If you suck at buying clothes online, even the best eBay clothing stores can’t assure that you’ll get something great. Great shoppers can typically find great things no matter where they shop and other people will find a way to be disappointed with their purchases no matter what.

So let’s take a look at a few of the things that you can do to make sure that you’re going to have the best possible experience buying clothes on eBay:

1. Look At Measurements

You’re probably aware that every company makes clothing that fits a bit differently. According to Levi Strauss, my waist is 32″ but Acne Studios tells me that it’s 36-38″.

In fact, different items from the same brand can fit differently. Styles and fits evolve over time and a size 6 from Zara’s collection last year might be an 8 in this year’s.

Most sellers include measurements in their clothing listings or will provide them in your ask.

You’ll probably want to measure both your body and then a clothing item that you like the fit of to get an idea if an item is right for you.

2. Try On Clothes From That Brand

If you haven’t purchased or worn clothes from a brand that you want to buy on eBay, do yourself a favor and find somewhere to try them on first.

I was absolutely sure that I wanted an Abercrombie & Fitch hoodie a couple of years ago but, when I finally got one, I found out that the fit would never work for my body. No matter what size I tried it was too baggy and short.

So head to the mall and try on the brands that you’re looking for (or the exact clothing if possible) to avoid the trouble of returning a bunch of items.

3. Look At Every Single Picture

This past Christmas I bought my dad a Patagonia rain shell for his birthday. It was off eBay but the seller said it was New With Tags so I didn’t look at the pictures very closely.

When I received it I noticed that it had a logo stitched logo on the back! When I went back and checked, it turned out that the seller did indeed have a picture of the logo…it was just the last picture included.

Be sure to go through every single picture to make sure that the sellers isn’t hiding something (either accidentally or on purpose).

4. Read The Feedback

Because eBay has the ability to remove negative feedback (and some eBay sellers fake their feedback) you might not feel like taking the time to check how a seller’s past transactions have gone.

However, if a seller has consistent issues there will probably show up in both their positive and negative feedback. Checking a seller’s feedback will let you know if they routinely miss flaws, ship slowly, etc.

5. Double Check The Shipping Time

Figuring out how long eBay takes to ship is especially important if you are buying clothes for a special occasion. Not having the exact thing you want (and already bought) is especially frustrating if you have to head to Ross or Nordstrom Rack the night before the event to find something else.

You can get an estimated shipping time on the product page under the item description which will typically give you a range of when the item is expected to arrive (provided the seller follows through and USPS tracking updates…)

6. Ask For Personal Details

If you’re looking to spend a significant amount of money on an eBay item you might consider asking the seller for some more personal details (no, not their number).

It doesn’t hurt to ask the seller if they’re selling their personal item, when it was purchased, etc.

I’ve seen clothing on eBay that is in excellent condition or even NWT but is from a collection that is 15+ years old. Clothing that has not been worth or properly cared for during that time will be showing its age no matter how good the person is at photographing clothing.

7. Be Ready To Return Or Resell Non-Fitting Clothes

I’m not typically a person who returns things. I mean to return them but then they just sit on the cabinet in my entryway for months until I’ve lost the receipt and any desire to take them back.

Buying on eBay is the exception. eBay’s return process is extremely simple and can be completed with any confrontation or even a conversation. Just click through the process stating what the problem with the clothing is, print out a label, and drop the item off!

Something doesn’t even have to be wrong for you to return the item. Valid reasons to return clothing on eBay include: undisclosed flaws, didn’t like fit/color, found a better deal, didn’t like it, changed mind, or “just because.”

Just be sure not to cheat the system by buying something, wearing it, and returning it. The eBay return system functions on integrity to some extent but eBay will track your patterns and notice if you make a habit of returning things.


While shopping from the best eBay clothing stores will alleviate a bunch of issues related to buying clothing online, I can’t guarantee a flawless experience.

So find the shops from the list above that speak to you personally, ask good questions, do your due diligence, and find a deal that you’ll be happy with. Happy shopping!

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