Can You Sell Jewelry On Poshmark? (Here’s How We Do It…)

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So you want to start selling jewelry on Poshmark? Or maybe you’re just wondering if Poshmark allows jewelry at all?

Well, if you’re question is the second one then rest assured that tens of thousands of people do it with no problem!

Poshmark considers jewelry to be an accessory that is allowed to be bought and sold on their platform.

So whether you want to diversify your closet or unload a bunch of jewelry you just inherited, you want it.

So let’s talk about how to do it!

As someone who has been selling used jewelry for more than five years, I can say from experience that it can be lucrative if you’re willing to put some effort into it. 

3 Steps To Make A Killing Selling Jewelry On Poshmark

Figure Out What Kinds Of Jewelry Sells Best On Poshmark

If you are looking to sell new jewelry, learning about current trends can be extremely helpful in having fast sales. Searching social media or Google is a great way to find out what sort of jewelry items are trending for the season.

You can also look at Poshmark’s blog to see if any specific jewelry items are trending. Search Poshmark’s active showrooms to see if any jewelry items are currently popular on the platform.

To do this:

  • Go to the desktop version of Poshmark’s webpage
  • Hover over the Women’s tab
  • Under the Trending Styles heading, Poshmark gives a list of all the showrooms for popular items

Also, you can use the Poshmark website to find jewelry items that have already been sold and then source similar items.

Go back to Poshmark’s desktop website, and hover over the Women’s tab. Click on Shop All Jewelry and you’ll be taken to a page where you can do some more in-depth research. Once on this page, the platform will allow you to filter results by brand name, availability, jewelry type, and several more criteria. You can utilize these filters to search for jewelry items that have already sold, and then think about whether you would like to source similar items.

For example, if you see that a particular J. Crew bracelet has sold many items, then you could consider trying to source the same item to sell (maybe on clearance or sale somewhere).

If you’re interested in selling men’s or children’s jewelry, you can repeat the steps above, but just substitute the Men’s or  Children’s tab. A quick tip: Jewelry is under the Accessories heading for the men’s and children’s sections.

Source Profitable Jewelry To Resell On Poshmark (4 Places)

So where do you start?

The success of your Poshmark business will be based almost entirely on the items you find to sell. The most successful sellers are the ones that have multiple avenues of sourcing products, jewelry in this case.

Here are 4 places to source that I consider the best if you’re just getting started flipping jewelry:

1. Your Own Collection

The easiest place to find jewelry items to sell is by sourcing items from your own collection. You may have items that you no longer wear or like that would be perfect for listing. You can also ask family members or friends if they’re willing to give you items that they no longer want.

I’m sure that you’re great-aunt or grandma has a few things that you could sell on Poshmark.  Just be sure to make the distinction between being gifted an item and selling an item for someone else.

2. Garage Sales, Thrift Stores, and Auctions

People often sell jewelry at these kinds of sales or end up donating it afterward.

Occasionally, I’ve even found sterling silver at them!

There are many websites that you can utilize to help you find out where local sales are being held. One of my favorites is YardSaleSearch. Simply type in your zip code, and it will display sales around your area

The best part about these kinds of sales is that negotiating is usually allowed. Something that often works for me is asking for a group price for several items. In order to know what to look for at these sales, a good strategy is to do your research before you go to them.

Another source of sellable jewelry is in-person auctions. You can do some research online to see when your local auction houses will be having events. Just remember, auctions can become pricey because of other bidders and auction fees.

If you’re interested in buying Jewelry items from thrift stores in bulk to sell individually, check out Goodwill Bluebox.

3. eBay and Other Selling Platforms

eBay is one of my best sources for finding jewelry (not to mention selling other items for extra money). On eBay, look for jewelry lots with items that you think will sell (after doing research).

The filters on the platform make it very easy to find the listings you want. You can simply type in what you’re searching for, and then filter items by using the specific parameters that you want. I tend to look for lot listings and then filter down by selecting “free shipping” and “accepts offers.”

I really like eBay’s best offer feature because it often allows me to buy items at a price lower than the seller’s asking price. However, sellers won’t always accept your offer.

If they don’t, don’t be disheartened, there are millions of listings on eBay and someone will eventually accept an offer from you!  Sellers may do a counteroffer. A strategy for making an offer on an item is to not offer your final price initially. For example, if a seller is asking $100 for an item and the highest you’ll pay for that item is $90, don’t offer $90 right off the bat. You might want to try $70, and then see if the seller will negotiate with you through counter-offers.

4. ThreadUp

ThredUp is yet another website for jewelry sourcing. The online thrift store offers rescue boxes for purchase on their website.  Typically, these boxes contain pre-owned items that have been listed on ThredUp for a long time and did not sell. Alternatively, the items were sent in by buyers and were not accepted for sale.

ThredUp has two jewelry rescue boxes, a DIY-Jewelry and a Mixed-Jewelry box. I’ve had more luck with the Mixed-Jewelry box. The only issue is that the boxes are difficult to come by; they become available on the website at sporadic times. If you want to take a shot at trying to get one of these boxes, you’ll have to use the desktop version of the ThredUp website, as the mobile version does not show the availability of rescue boxes.

You can also try out a Goodwill Bluebox where you can buy jewelry in 5-pound bulk lots during their weekly restock.

Now, given my propensity for scoring deals on used items, I gravitate toward the above places. If, however, you prefer sourcing new items you can try stores like Ross, TJ Maxx, or Nordstrom Rack. Most carry some of the popular high-end jewelry brands. Just make sure to go to the clearance section, and if you’re buying online, try to bundle items so that you can receive free shipping.

Quick Tip: Access The Condition Before Buying

Generally speaking, if you want to sell jewelry on Poshmark, make sure that the items that you’re choosing to list are in good condition. When dealing with pre-owned items, make sure to look for any flaws, such as missing stones, broken pieces, tarnish, etc. If the item can be easily fixed or cleaned, then you can consider buying it. However, don’t waste time buying an item that will need extensive repair unless you want to invest the time and money into repairing it.

Also, if you decide to repair an item make sure that the return on investment is high for that particular item. Once again, doing some research before purchasing jewelry will help you in this case. When you go to garage sales, bring your phone with you, so that you can search the Internet for similar items.

If you are considering online auctions, look carefully at the pictures of the items that you’re interested in purchasing. In most cases, if the pictures are too blurry, you can ask the seller to post more pictures. It’s always worth a try.

Silver and gold hallmarks are important for the jewelry seller, as well. You’ll want to know these marks and study them. You may even want to memorize some of them. There are plenty of websites where you can find extensive hallmark lists if you’re curious about them.

How To Take Pictures Of Jewelry To Sell

Traditional wisdom says that a picture is worth 1,000 words and this is especially true if you’re selling jewelry.

You might want to have a designated area for taking pictures of your items, but it’s not necessary. Just make sure to find a flat, clean area with good lighting. Speaking of lighting, if you don’t have a fancy setup, you can take pictures outside during the day. Natural light works well for most photos. 

Some other photo tips:

  • For Poshmark, it’s best to take your pictures on your phone so that you can upload them directly to the mobile app.
  • Taking photos of your item before the actual listing process may be easier (when creating a listing, Poshmark can access your phone’s picture library).
  • Take photos of the item from different angles (top, bottom, sides, front, back, etc.)
  • Try to use a plain background, so that the item itself stands out
  • You can be creative with your background, but don’t let the background overwhelm the item
  • Make sure that your pictures are clear (avoid using blurry photos)
  • Take pictures of any damage or imperfections on your item so that your buyer knows exactly what he or she is buying.  Avoid using lighting settings to obscure flaws on the item.
  • Take photos of any brand logos or hallmarks of your items
  • If you’re using a smartphone, there should be an app that you can download that will allow you to adjust lighting settings, such as contrast and saturation. Many smartphones have photo editing features that are already on the phone, so you may not even need to download an app. 

Listing Jewelry On Poshmark (Things To Know)

You’ll Need To Learn Some Jewelry Marks

It’s a good idea to study jewelry marks so that when you spot them, you’ll know what you’re dealing with. Most brand-name jewelry items will have some sort of mark on them. In most cases, the name or initials of the brand will be found somewhere on the item. If you really would like to get serious with jewelry, you can find books at the library or do online research. 

There are many counterfeit jewelry items that will utilize logos that are very similar to real items. Most of the time, the people making the counterfeits will copy high-end jewelry brands, like Cartier or Tiffany and Company. Just make sure to do your research before buying jewelry items so you don’t end up purchasing something that is fake.

Titles & Descriptions Are Incredibly Important

When creating a title for your item, make sure to include the following things in the title: brand, type of jewelry item, and color. In the description, you can write about the size, condition, and type of metal or other material the jewelry is made of.  Try to be descriptive when you’re writing. You may want to suggest a certain type of outfit or setting that may be appropriate for your item. For example, you might say, “Would look great with a little black dress,” or “Perfect for everyday wear.” Don’t forget to disclose any flaws that are found on the item.

Your Item Must Be Priced Right Or It Won’t Sell

When considering how to price your items, you can utilize the Poshmark website to perform research, once again. Navigate to the Shop All Jewelry page, find the brand and type of item that you have, and then select “sold” as one of the filters. This is one way to find prices for items similar to the ones that you have.

Another way to find comparable prices is to simply type in a quick description of your item into the main search field on the Poshmark desktop website. After this, select “sold” as a criterion.  Browse through the sold items, and find the highest and lowest prices that the item has sold for. The idea is to price your item somewhere in the middle between the highest and lowest price.

Your Packaging Can Make Or Break The Experience

When shipping your item, you should strive to create a good memorable experience for the buyer. Hopefully, the buyer will shop with you again if this is the case. Here are some tips for shipping and packaging your items:

  • If you don’t have the original box that the item came in, use a pretty bag or box to put the item in (you can use organza bags-they are relatively inexpensive and you can buy them in bulk)
  • Invest in thank you cards and write a note to your buyer (if you don’t have thank you cards, you can use stationery that you may already have in the house)
  • Use colorful tissue paper to wrap your item and card in
  • You don’t have to use fancy mailers for your items (you can recycle brown boxes or envelopes that you have at home)
  • Re-use packing materials from boxes that come in the mail (or find other sources for free/cheap packing supplies)
  • Make sure that everything in your box or envelope fits snuggly and is not moving around too much (you can use packaging materials to help with this)
  • Try to ship your item the same or the next day if possible as buyers like sellers who ship items quickly (getting a thermal label printer can really help get items out more quickly)


Selling jewelry on Poshmark may seem simple at first, but it does require a good amount of time and effort. Make sure to do your research before purchasing items and when deciding how to price them. Keep your records up to date and have fun!

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