12 Best Online Thrift Stores For Deal Hunters & Resellers

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If you’re looking for great thrift shop deals but can’t find any good options in your area or if you’ve searched the ones in your area enough times and would like something new, you may want to consider visiting an online thrift store.

Even though there are a dozen thrift stores within an hour of me I still get tired of them and want a change. I mean, reselling full-time means that I spend 20+ hours per week thrifting but I’d imagine most people would want more options as well!

Now, most online thrift stores that I shop at are focused on clothing, jewelry, and accessories, which makes sense because it’s a lot easier to ship out a t-shirt or a dress than it would be to send a couch or a coffee table through the mail (although some stores sell used furniture as well).

Let’s start out with some of the uncommon ones you might not have heard of, then I’ll finish up with a few of the most popular. Here’s a list of the 12 best online thrift stores, at least according to me.

Best Online Thrift Stores (My List)

The RealReal

I don’t love the name, but I do love their prices. The RealReal is a site that offers mainly luxury goods and features deep discounts on popular name-brand items, like Rolex, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and more.

While not strictly a thrift store, it appeals to the same type of shopper and there are great deals to be had on used items!

If you’re thinking of selling on The RealReal, sellers receive 85% of the sale price, which generally means that prices are often lower than on other websites, where sellers tend to have higher prices in order to increase their margins.

While their main selling point is their clothing, although they do have many other items as well, including artwork, skateboard decks, coffee tables, and much more. They also frequently have deals for new customers, including the current offer of $25 off of your first purchase.


ThredUp is one of the top websites to buy discounted clothing and accessories, as they always have a large selection of great deals. However, the items they sell are only for women and children, so if you’re looking for menswear, you’ll want to try out another website (or one of our favorite eBay stores for clothes)

There are a lot of designer items to be found here but the accessories stand out to me a great deal more. The collection of women’s scarves is quite impressive, with over 30,000 available as I’m writing this.

Thrift Seekers

Thrift Seekers is one of my favorites and is a bit of a hidden gem. They have more than just clothing, too, which is always a bonus. I like to buy multiple items and take advantage of their “free shipping over $75” deal. They have a great assortment of books and vintage video games if you own an Atari or a Sega Genesis (or just like to collect them).

Their selection in some categories can be rather limited at times but I don’t mind it. It reminds me of going to an actual thrift store and seeing a few things that I like, then making a mental note to return when they’ll have more in stock.


EBTH stands for “everything but the house,” as in, you can find anything for your home here but the house. It’s an auction site, but a pretty good one, as it contains items from a wide variety of categories, including a good selection of old sports cards that make great Christmas or birthday gifts for the sports fan in your life.

In particular, they have a lot of autographed memorabilia from retired players that might not be as well known to the current generation. They also have items signed by prospects and up-and-coming players, which could become significantly more valuable if the player becomes a star.


Depop is another popular website that is most often associated with its large assortment of fashion items, but my favorite thing to look through is the “sports equipment” section, which contains both vintage sports memorabilia and a great selection of workout equipment for home gyms. Most of the items that make up my home gym came from here.

The fashion has a collection of men’s underwear for sale and, if you like good deals and are incredibly brave, you can sort the condition by “Used – Good” or “Used – Fair”. I like bargains as much as the next guy but I think I’ll stick with the “new” variety.

Check out our Poshmark vs. Depop Comparison to see which one is better


Many people are aware that Goodwill has several eBay stores. However, fewer seem to know that they actually have their own site where you can peruse tens of thousands of used items!

ShopGoodwill.com is, as you’ve probably guessed, the online marketplace and auction arm of the popular retailer. There are some good finds here but I’ve heard a lot of complaints about their shipping prices, which are set by the local store. Not all of their purchases are available for combined shipping, either.

They do also have pickup as an option, which is made easier by doing an “advanced search” and clicking on the store nearest to you. Not all Goodwill stores participate in the online portion, however, so you may need to drive a little bit farther to find one that does.

Facebook Marketplace

Everyone with a Facebook account is likely familiar with their local Buy Sell Trade groups and Facebook Marketplace is an extension of that idea. Some items are available locally and others can be shipped to various parts of the country, depending on the owner’s preference.

If you live in or near a big city, this is a great option to get some steals from someone who might not know what their item is worth and just wants quick cash or for the thing to stop taking up space in their house.


Americans who watch a lot of live sporting events are no doubt familiar with LetGo, which later merged with OfferUp. It has been described as “a less seedy version of Craigslist” by people I know who love the platform.

It’s a great way to get cheap items without having to pay for shipping, although the cost of gas could cut into your profit margin, depending on how far away from you the seller lives. It’s also a good alternative for non-Craigslist local selling if you have no desire to make a Facebook account.


For luxury clothing items and accessories, Poshmark is probably the gold standard for online thrift stores. I’ll take the credit for this one as I have hundreds of items listed on Poshmark that actually came straight from thrift stores! (albeit with a bit of a markup)

However, most people don’t realize that they also have an extensive collection of electronics, pet toys, and home decor as well.

One of my favorite features is being able to easily search by brand if I’m looking for something specific. Oftentimes, I’ll go to look for a specific one on there, then realize there’s another option that might work just as well (or better!) for cheaper when I never would have thought about it otherwise.


People think of Etsy as a place to sell homemade art, which is fair as that’s their most popular offering but they also have a lot of vintage items for sale. Whenever I’m out at a thrift store and I see anything that looks more than 20 or so years old, I always do an Etsy search for it to see what the average going price is.

They also have a lot of comic books, action figures, and other fandom-specific memorabilia for sale. It’s also a great place for semi-obscure video games and systems, like the Sony PSP which I loved but it turns out a lot of other people did not.


I didn’t really want to bring up eBay in this article because it’s a bit obvious, but I decided that it is the most popular in spite of its flaws, so it warrants a mention. If you can’t find it anywhere else, there’s a good chance that it’ll be on eBay. There is an average of 1.7 billion listings at any given time.

I’ve covered eBay and strategies around using it a lot already on here, so the only thing I’ll add is that lately, I’ve found some great deals by looking for newer sellers. An experienced seller will have a good handle on the market and knows around what price point they should receive, whereas a new seller might not. The drawback, of course, is that the quality of the item could be lower than you’d get from a power seller.

You can check out some of our recommended sellers if you’re looking for deals and want to stay on the safe side:


Mercari is probably one of my favorite online thrift stores because of the wide variety of items that are available. A friend of mine once described it as “imagine eBay if it were good and you’d have Mercari.” I don’t know if that’s 100% accurate but I’ve yet to have a single problem with any of my sales or purchases here.

If you want to see more about how they compare, you can check out our eBay vs Mercari comparison here.

It’s a great place to buy Apple products and accessories, particularly first-party cables. I’ve been burned a few times buying cheap iPhone chargers that stop working after a couple of weeks, which is why I prefer to buy OEM charging cables and power bricks. Their selection is definitely worth checking out, whether you’re looking for a deal for yourself, a gift for a friend, or for an item you can resell elsewhere for a profit.


These are just 12 of the best online thrift stores that I’ve found. As for which one is “the best”, that depends on what you’re looking to buy. I’d recommend searching each one to see which has the lowest price for the item you want, which can vary by a few dollars on each platform.

No matter what you’re looking for or how much you’re looking to spend, there are many great deals to be found online and I wish you the best of luck in your online thrifting adventure!

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