Hardgoods vs. Clothing On eBay – 14 Hard Goods Examples

When we had been reselling for about a year, I remember walking into a thrift store and wanting to walk right back out again. Normally I love hunting for treasure but the idea of digging my way through an entire rack of t-shirt and then an entire rack of jeans, and then 3 racks of …

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Should You Include Thank You Cards In Your eBay Orders?

A few months ago, we received two negative feedback within a week’s time.  Since we aren’t mega high volume sellers, this hugely affected our feedback and, frankly, scared the crap out of us. All of a sudden we had 99.5% positive feedback – not bad, but not what we wanted. What was really discouraging is …

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How To Create Your First Poshmark Listing (In 9 Minutes)

Poshmark is a great place to sell used items, especially clothing. Have spring and summer clothing items that you’re no longer wearing? Sell them on Poshmark. Home decor items that no longer fit your style? Sell them on Poshmark. In fact, Poshmark is the answer for just about everything. Unless the answer is eBay or …

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eBay Managed Payments Lawsuit – Is It Happening?

I am not a lawyer and this is not legal advice. It is my opinion. eBay’s new payment system has many people frustrated and angry. Especially the “old guard” of eBay sellers, many of whom have been on the platform for 20 years or more and remember the good old days. In fact, many people …

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