“Mercari Message Deleted By Admin” What It Means & What To Do

If you’re trying to buy or sell on Mercari, messages are extremely important. They allow you to send offers, ask questions, update your buyers, etc. However, it’s always frustrating when you go to check a message to your received or sent and, instead, get a message saying, “Mercari Message Deleted By Admin” That message can …

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7 Common Mercari Scams and How To Avoid Them

There’s nothing quite like getting a package in the mail. Unless it’s the beautiful Louis Vuitton bag that you bought off Mercari that turns out to be a can of soup because you got scammed by the seller. On the other side, there’s nothing quite like selling a Louis Vuitton bag on eBay and having …

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Mercari Fees (seller fees and..what are all these?!)

Every time new sellers use a platform they freak out about the fees. Mercari is no different. Because I’ve seen a divide between all the people who think Mercari is amazing and the people who are irate about their “hidden fees” I’ve decided to dissect the issue. The first part, however, I think we can …

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How To Get Paid On Mercari (and avoid the common pitfalls)

If you want to make fast money online, go ahead and join the club. Everyone does. Fast and easy, right? Unfortunately, that’s not how things work. Not only are there 4.66 billion other people with internet access who would love the same thing, but the number of scammers has made buyers wary and money-making platforms …

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