The 5 Fastest Selling Items On Poshmark (Money Making Brands)

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Over the past year, I’ve seen hundreds of complaints that reselling has slowed down.

People who used to make a full-time living selling on Poshmark are scrambling to diversify or increase their inventory just to get by.

However, it’s not all about where you sell or how much stuff you have listed. If you’re not selling the right things you’ll have a hard time making any money at all.

So, if you’re trying to get started on Poshmark (or revive a slow store) then you’ll have to make switch in your sourcing to focus on the best (or fastest) selling items on Poshmark.

In the past three years we’ve sold hundreds of items on Poshmark (as well as thousands on eBay and Mercari) and these are the fastest selling items that we’ve found.

Hopefully you’ll be able to integrate these into your sourcing to take your Poshmark sales to the next level!

1. Nike Athletic Shoes

When it comes to selling on Poshmark, the fastest-selling items will always be a recognizable brand. The brand of whatever you’re selling is the most searchable term that will set your item apart, and nothing has more brand recognition that Nike.

There are Poshmark stores that base their entire operation on flipping shoes and Nike is one of the fastest selling brands.

Both men’s and women’s Nikes sell quickly on Poshmark (although we typically stay away from kids’ shoes.

Specific Things To Look For:

  • Clean shoes in excellent shape. Ratty pairs of bikes are a dime a dozen but new or lightly used versions sell quickly.
  • Shoes with a specific purpose. Look for basketball shoes, cheer shoes, cleats, weightlifting shoes, etc. All the filterable distinctions make your offering more unique and searchable.
  • Specific models. Look for shoes sponsored by athletes (Tiger Woods shoes are big sellers), from colleges, etc.

2. Trendy Workout Gear

Every time I go to the gym I see people (both men and women) who are wearing gym clothes that cost more than the suit I wear to church.

Seeing $70 shorts, $65 dollar tank tops, and $150 shoes just make me think what an opportunity it is if I can find any of the brands used.

Brand-name workout gear holds its value extremely well and there is a hot market on Poshmark for trendy gear in excellent condition.

Specific Brands To Look For:

  • Lululemon
  • Athleta
  • Alphalete
  • That other workout brand…

3. High Tech Outdoor Gear

Like workout clothing, outdoor gear is a super hot seller right now and holds its value extremely well.

One major plus here, however, is that outdoor can sell well even if it’s beat up and well-used.

I’ve sold rain shells and down jackets with large patched or scuffs on them for way more than I expected them to go for. I guess some people are just into the rough-and-tumble mountain look!

We always look for down puffers, rain shells, bibs, fleeces, and coats. We’ve actually written an entire article on the best outdoor brands for reselling but, if you’re just starting out on Poshmark then you’ll do well just knowing about 5-10 of the most popular ones.

Specific Brands To Look For:

  • Patagonia
  • The North Face
  • Mountain Hardwear
  • Marmot
  • Kuhl
  • Arc’teryx
  • Outdoor Research

4. 90’s Clothing

I’m not even old (okay, I’m over 30…) but even I can’t figure out what is going on with high school and college fashion at the moment.

Things seemed to be processing slowly and “normally” and then all of a sudden we regressed 30 years and everyone started wearing their ill-fitting parent’s clothes. Which, as a Poshmark seller, really increases the breadth of things I can sell!

Any sort of trendy clothing or shoes from the 80s, 90s, or early 2000s tends to sell well, especially if it is a well-known brand or has a recognizable them (such as Disney).

Specific Things To Look For:

  • Mom/dad jeans/shorts. Even better if they’re Levi’s and distressed. Many people actually find vintage jeans, distress them, and cut them into shorts for a faster sale.
  • Chunky-sole shoes. Doc Martens are the obvious pick here but many brands of chunky 90’s shoes and boots sell well on Poshmark.
  • 90’s t-shirts. Original shirts (not Hot Topic reproductions) sell extremely quickly on Poshmark. Look for band shirts, shirts from movies/shows, Nascar, WWE, etc.

5. Items Made Of Expensive Fabrics

If you don’t recognize the brand while sourcing, checking the fabric contents is a great way to figure out if something is worth looking up.

I have a friend who goes down the entire rack of suits and blazers just by feeling each one and only checking items the brands if he finds cashmere or wool.

Items made of very expensive materials can sell well on Poshmark regardless of brand. However, the best combination will always be brand + unusual materials or decoration.

Specific Things To Look For:

  • Cashmere
  • Merino Wool
  • Lambswool
  • Angora
  • Silk

Suggest Reading

How Long Does It Take Things To Sell On Poshmark?

I’ll be honest, there’s not really a good answer to this questions and we won’t try to make one up.

I’ve had items sell on Poshmark within minutes of listing them and others that have received almost no interest after a year of being in my closet.

However, there are a few things that you can do to stop from feeling like a hoarder. Here’s what we do for our Poshmark items that aren’t selling fast enough:

  • If an item is still listed after 6 months we look at the listing to see if there are any problems. If there are, we fix them. If there aren’t, we significantly reduce the price.
  • If an item is still listed after one year we assess the item. If we think that it’s still worth selling we’ll retake the pictures and make a new listing. If it’s not worth selling, we donate it.

While donating your duds might make you feel like a failure it will keep your store fresh and stop a bunch of unsellable pieces filling up your inventory.

We do our best to find good brands while sourcing but about 20% of items end up not selling or selling for drastically less than we expected. However, sometimes it’s worth donating something just to get it out of your store so you can replace it with something better.

Clothing vs Hardgoods

Everyone in the reseller community was excited when Poshmark broadened its scope and allowed sellers to sell home goods as well as clothing.

We all thought that we’d be able to sell cute decorations and kitchenware to get some quick sales. However, it mostly turned out to be a nothing-burger.

Poshmark is known for clothing and nearly every buyer who comes to the platform is looking for clothing, not pet items or home goods.

We remain entirely focused on clothing in our Poshmark store as we find that clothing is likely to sell the fastest, has the best profit margins, and is easy to ship.

Does Sharing Your Closet Really Speed Up Poshmark Sales?

I’m going to go rogue for a minute here and tell you that it’s not necessary to share your closet to get sales on Poshmark.

Unless you are selling only clothing from your personal closet, having followers is not really helpful. The original idea was that people could follow closets from people roughly their size who had similar tastes in clothing. However, with resellers coming on the scene and selling clothing of all types and sizes it’s not very helpful, and this is from someone with 100k followers.

If somebody wants something on Poshmark, they use the search function. Very few people

If you are a full-time seller that is only on Poshmark, using a Poshmark bot or hiring a VA to share your closet may be worth it. However, you’re much better off spending your time sourcing and listing rather than following/unfollowing people and sharing to parties to build up a following.

The Secret To Faster Sales As A Reseller

The real secret to faster sales on Poshmark (and any other platform) is to increase the number of people that see your items.

This can obviously be done by listing more items or listing items that are in higher demand.

However, if you already have a bunch of inventory listed that isn’t really moving there is another option.

First off, check out this chart that shows the active users on each of the reselling platforms:

Now, if there was just an easy way to show your Poshmark listings to eBay shoppers as well. Well, luckily there is. By using a cross-listing app (we use List Perfectly) you can increase the number of shoppers seeing your items by 3-4x.

While I can’t promise that you’ll double your sales, we increased our sales by more than 25% overnight when we started putting all of our listings on Poshmark, Mercari, and eBay.

We’ve had things that had failed to sell on Poshmark for months only to have them sell within hours on another platform when we cross-posted them. So, long story short, the real key to faster sales on Poshmark might not even be to sell on Poshmark!

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Hopefully, you now have a better handle on the types of things that are likely to see faster on Poshmark.

However, even if you’re not confident in the items we listed, crossposting you items and increasing the number of your potential customers will likely give you more results than anything else.

Whichever path you choose, may your sales be swift!

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